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There are numerous ways to get involved in the Partnership’s work and lend your voice to support this incredible workforce and there’s no time like the present to jump in! Whether you’re an individual who has been impacted by the workforce shortage, you’re a worker, or you represent an employer of workers you’ll find suggested calls to action to help you get involved.

Have You Checked Out Our First Policy Report Yet? Get In The Know and Click Here to Read!

Authored by the Maine Center for Economic Policy, the report, titled, The High Cost of Undervaluing Direct Care Work, highlights the current challenges Mainers face when seeking care in addition to the significant economic repercussions secondary to a historical lack of investment in our care infrastructure. Click here to read!

People impacted by the worker shortage can…

  • Read the policy report;
  • Share your care story with us;
  • Write a letter and mail it (with a stamp) to the Governor – ask her to elevate the urgency of solving this workforce shortage;
  • Write a letter and mail it (with a stamp) to your representative and senator to share your story and ask them to make additional investments in the care economy.
  • If you’re employed, share this report with your HR director and CEO. 

Do you have a story to tell? Let us know below!

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Direct care workers can…

Employers and providers can…

  • Read the policy report & share it within your professional networks.
  • Support your employees – provide flexible leave and work policies and ensure you have parity in the benefits you offer (if you offer any sort of child care benefit, make sure you offer the same for adult care);
  • Discuss the impact the care workforce shortage is having on your workforce with your legislators;
  • Support your workers with information – help them navigate to supports and services when they are providing care to an adult;
  • Host and/or engage in regional conversations about investments needed in the care economy and consider how your business can be a part of the solution.

Do you have a story to tell? Let us know below!

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Maine's Essential Care and Support Workforce Partnership represents a  broad and robust coalition of advocates working to increase access to quality direct care workers for older people, people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, and those with behavioral health challenges.